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27 November 2016, 11:25 am

ECB documentation on arte:"Up to the sky"

One of the most important European Institution got its Symbol in Frankfurt. New highrise of the European Central Bank is the highrise of dynamic movements and flowing forms.

Documentary Series by Sabine Pollmeier and Joachim Haupt.
Germany 2016, 26 min.
First Broadcast

November 2016

Provinciehuis Antwerp construction site

The Viennese planning team of Bollinger + Grohmann visited the construction site of the Provinciehuis in Antwerp. The building shell of the new office tower has meanwhile reached the seventh floor and the congress building has already been completed.

21 November 2016

L'Equerre d'argent 2016 für "Lieu de vie"

This year, the jury of the 34th edition of the architecural prize decided to opt for the project on the campus of the Université de Saclay.
Architect: Muoto, Paris
Structural and Façade Design: Bollinger + Grohmann Sarl, Paris

18 November 2016

"Structures and Developments"

Klaus Bollinger was invited to give a lecture on "Structures and Developments" at the University of Innsbruck within the framework of the Ex-Arch M series of lectures at the Studio 3 (Institute for Experimental Architecture).

15 November 2016

New European headquarter of the MHK Group: progress on the construction site

The spectacular cantilever of the steel construction is meanwhile clearly visible.

October 2016

Regcognitions: competition "Das Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts"

Bollinger + Grohmann supported Volker Staab Architekten for the structural design during the limited competition. Furthermore B+G supported also Snøhetta and SANAA who received equally a recognition.

26 October 2016

Recognition: competition "Historische Mitte Köln"

In the coure of the closed architectural design competition Bollinger + Grohmann supported the architects from Barkow Leibinger for the structural design.

26 October 2016

Awarding of Deutscher Ingenieurbaupreis 2016: Award for the ECB

Federal Building Minister Barbara Hendricks and the President of the Federal Chamber of Engineers Hans-Ullrich Kammeyer awarded the German Engineering Prize 2016 in Berlin this evening.

25 October 2016

Opening of the exhibition "students are planning for students"

The exhibition presents three architectural projects, among others the completed boathouse at Auedamm in Kassel. Bollinger + Grohmann gave expert advise for the realization of the project.
Location: KAZimKUBA, Kassel
Duration of the exhibition: 26/10/ - 06/11/16


"Robotic Contouring" - Angewandte Architecture Challenge 2016

The result of this year's architectural Summer Program is a 3D resarch pavilion which examines the 3D folding of plastic profiles directly through the use of a robot and then discusses and implements the resulting design approaches. Bollinger+Grohmann focussed together with an international research team of the University of Applied Arts Vienna on the topic of "Robotic Contouring".

24 September 2016

Oslo Åpne Hus: Trollveien 42

Oslo is one of over 30 member cities in the "Open House Worldwide Family". At this year's "Åpne Hus" the project "Trollveien 42" can be visited. Bollinger + Grohmann Ingeniører AS were besides the passive house calculation also responsible for the timber structure and sustainability concept.

22 September 2016

Laying of the foudnation stone for Allianz Campus Berlin

The completion of the construction works is scheduled for spring 2019.
The building complex is expected to receive the highest possible certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), “DGNB Platinum”.

13 September 2016

Opening of the "Tower of Power" Electric Charging Station in Vienna

Bollinger + Grohmann gave expert advise for the new charging station.

September 2016

B+G Oslo extends its scope of services

B+G Oslo provides in the future also sustainability planning, building physics and façade planning. This includes the field of timber strcutures with a focus on construction and solid wood. Our services range from energy and daylight calculations, passive house planning according to Norwegian standard, thermal bridge calculation and application for subsidies to the detailed planning of complex façades, CO2 balancing and material consulting.

12 August 2016

Currently at the construction site of FLOAT

The 220 m long and 60 m wide excavation pit is now ready with a working depth of approximately 10 m for the introduction of the bored pile foundation.

11 August 2016

"Iconic Awards 2016 winner" distinction for the project "Die Welle"

In the category "Architecture - Urban Planning" the concept of the outdoor sculpture of schneider + schumacher (B + G Structural Design) was convincing. Since 2013, the Design Council awards the Iconic Awards in five main categories.

05 August 2016

Opening of the music pavilion "Soundgarden" in Darmstadt

Bollinger + Grohmann gave expert advise for the temporary pavilion and acted as sponsor.

25 July 2016

Competition "Children's Museum of the Jewish Museum": 3rd Prize

for Michael Wallraff in the competition for the exhibition concept design and construction of a new permanent Children's Museum in Berlin. B+G were in charge as advisory capacity for the structural design.

July 2016

Good Design Award for the Conservatorium of Music

of this year's Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Awards for the scheme by Hassell, Melbourne in collaboration with BollingerGrohmann Engineers, Melbourne.

18 July 2016

Inauguration of the new high-school in Ottobrunn

Oasis-like learning areas for students and open learning environments: in the east of Munich, the new building of the Gymnasium Ottobrunn was inaugurated.
Architect: Bernhard Heid Architekten, Fürth, Germany
Structural design: Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure

6 July 2016

Won: competition IMAL - CASTII in Brussels

Rehabilitation of a building for the Center for digital cultures and technology/ IMAL.
First prize for the team of CENTRAL in collaboration with NP2F and Bollinger+Grohmann.

22 June 2016

Best Tall Building Europe Finalist: ECB

At this year's CTBUH Awards the new building for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt has been awarded as one of the five finalists.

22 June 2016

Alban Berg Monument

Unveiling of the Alban Berg Sculpture designed by Wolf. D. Prix in front of the Vienna State Opera. B+G was responsible for the structural design.

May 2016

Award for the ECB: Preis des deutschen Stahlbaues 2016

The awarding of the winners and laureates takes place on the 38th "Deutscher Stahlbautag" on 7th of October 2016 in Würzburg.

16 March 2016

AIT AWARD 2016 for "One man Sauna" and "Aquamotion"

The 1st prize in the category "sports/leisure" was awarded to the project "One man Sauna" by modularbeat, Münster and the 2nd prize went to "Aquamotion" by Auer Weber, Munich. B+G were responsible for the structural design for both projects.